Wednesday, December 21, 2011

TOYS & KID'S STUFF - Totally Spaced Out

So, in the flavor of the season, I figured I should do a few blogs on kid's stuff.

No, not goats, children's, cartoons, whatever...

In my hunting for forgotten treasures, I come across some weird things.  Usually toys generally do not fall into the category of "weird", even being vintage or truly antique.

But, some items I have found do fall into the "WTF were they thinking?!!?!?" category.

 Take this 1950s piece as an example:

YES, it is a PLASTIC BAG with a space mask printed on it!

What sane parent would hand this to their child????

But, hey, there are places to cut out eye holes and mouth, you know, it is surely safe....

The even more potentially alarming thing is that I suspect it was a "premium"...that is, something that was a giveaway, maybe a mail order thing...send 3 box tops to Station Z, PO Box 123....but more than likely it was something that was included in food...and food that was marketed for children's consumption....

Say, like dry cereal.

So, imagine a kid on a early Saturday morning, getting up to watch cartoons..or that cool Indian chief in a headdress image, or the target style test pattern (perfect for those suction darts!), whichever was on, and pouring themselves a bowl of Sugar-Smacker-Os...

And out pops this little gem of a prize into the bowl !


Nice, a 1950s, child's self-suffocation kit in a box!

But, perhaps kids in of the 1950s were a little more savvy...they did have tin toys with sharp edges all over the place, and I rarely see blood stains all over 1950s toys, and in 50s houses.  Or, maybe the baby boomers have many "missing" siblings....yep, plastic bag space masks...they were all some nasty Commie plan to wipe out America's future...

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  1. OMG! Incredible find. It's amazing that many thrift stores won't even sell toys meant for children under 12, due to the lead content scare a while back that issued a bunch of recalls. Yet this plastic bag was actually intended to go over a child's head. Wow, just wow.

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!