Friday, February 1, 2013

The Truth Behind The Junk Celebs: Danielle Colby of American Pickers

The first thing I know many of you will be wondering is: 

Why is he writing about Danielle first, instead of Mike Wolfe?

Well, I'm a gentleman at heart, and thus, "Ladies First.

Anyway, no, I don't have a crush on her like half (or more?) of the show's viewers seem to.  She seems nice enough, interesting enough, seems to work hard, has some great ideas, and all, but she is a Reality TV personality...thus I don't know the real her now, do I?

Besides, I am happily married. 

Even though she was not....

Married, that is. (Whether it was "happily" or not is really no ones business but hers, and thus is not for me to know nor decide.)

Yes, that is correct, she was divorced . The TV interview she makes mention of that relationship here. 
 Shortly after initially posting this blog,  I found out from another source that Danielle has re-married! Sorry to burst your bubbles/fantasies guys and gals. (yes, that is right, I said gals, this is 2012, after all!)
Her husband is now Alexandre De Meyer. Her store, 4 Miles 2 Memphis, is also selling his screen printed T's, under the "Neuf vies," or "9-lives" label. 

I wish them all the best!

It does seem "Reality TV" and all it involves takes a toll on marriages, especially when you examine the track record of the reality TV "stars" and their relationships.   

But, that is another blog posting entirely.

So, Danielle is Danielle. Not 100% acting, pretending to be someone else while on screen or elsewhere in the public eye, which is an action to admire. Being essentially yourself on and off screen takes guts.  I realize the producer(s) of the show have some say in how she is portrayed, but compared to some of the other "reality" show personalities, she's in with the more "real" ones.

She is a proud mother of 2 children, as well. It is amazing to think that added to her family commitments, and her role on American Pickers, she has several various business/artistic/other interests that keep her very busy, including:

Burlesque - She dances under the name "Dannie Diesel" in  Burlesque Le Moustache

Fashion Design - 4 Miles To Memphis  - Which is also located formerly located in LeClaire, Iowa (same city as Mike Wolfe's first "Antique Archaeology" store) but she relocated it in Chicago, Illinois.

Supporting/assisting her father financially and I am sure emotionally. He is currently dealing with Leukemia.

 Roller Derby - She was part of a team of ladies that rolled under the name BIG MOUTH MICKIES.

She promotes and chats a bit on her Facebook page, also.

Well, that should keep you Danielle fans busy for a bit! 






  1. Good story....she has a lot of tats...thats community not my cup of ya....i do like her.

  2. Interesting. I was wondering about her and I appreciate that she doesn't have the same old 'tired' lines that the boys stomp on with each show.