Monday, December 26, 2011

Dolly's Dear Dolls' Destiny

With Boxing Day having arrived and departed, I got thinking about all the soon to be ignored toys that parents around the world will be tossing into boxes marked with phrases such as "give away", "4 garage sale", "Donations","Charity", etc.  One of the things I see many of in the toy sections of thrift stores are dolls. Yes, I do check out those as well...vintage Barbies and other dolls can be worth good bucks! Usually what is in the jumble or "displays" tend to be... well, bedraggled...abused, chewed and generally in what some would term as "loved" condition...but, if that indicates they had been "loved," then I think that the kids who played with them should be closely monitored when they grow up and have kids....!

So, in my avoidance of doing some work (it is the holidays, after all!) I got doing a few random searches for related blogs.

I figured I would share a few of my finds in the world of "Thrift Store" related blogging. Yes, I do some thrift store picking as part of my buying, and see funny things, but so often do not have my camera with me...tho I do buy some of the things that make me laugh...or want to say WTF?!?! And, yes, I will post them from time to time. Already posted a picture of one bizarre item, which you likely read about already....yes, it was the "plastic bag space helmet!"

So, now check out these 2 bloggers' posts....

WARNING, if  creepy dolls haunt your nightmares, DON'T CLICK THESE LINKS lest you view more freaky plastic faces will haunt your dreams!

This post made me laugh.....and shudder...! Let's Go Thrifting: What The Thrift!? An Army of Undead Dolls

Another gem from the same thrifter/blogger: What The Thrift!? The Knock-Off Doll Head Edition.

And one more creepy doll post from another blogger, ONE GAL'S TRASH

Hmmm......almost makes me think I should start a website just for people to post photos of creepy dolls....!

And with that, I am headed to dream of dancing, disfigured, disjointed doll heads...

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  1. Hey, thanks for the mention and affirmations of my creeptitude! If you like those posts, you'll love the next one I'm working on...featuring my new ventriloquist's dummy!

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!