Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Spock Needs to Teach A Class On Logic


A word whose definition people seem to be unable (or unwilling) to apply. 

It is a concept that seems to escape people, especially those from outside the antiques business, when they are making comments to your face, on social media, etc.

They would save themselves putting both feet in their mouths if they just applied the logic they wish to spout to themselves...then think how they would react.

I see you are confused.....

Not that unusual for readers of my blog, as regular readers know.  You regulars also are aware that  it usually gets somewhat clear further on, there is a point (or two, 3,...or 10) that I will make...eventually, hang in there!

You likely know by now that the antiques and collectibles business is not only woven through my life, it is my sole living, my only income.... 

Or, rather, I should say, "the junk biz" is my sole living, being that I have delved into some other aspects of reclamation, recycling, etc in order to make ends meet since my move, 2.5 hours away from Winnipeg, thus having less "audience" to which I can show off my "talents."

My regular readers will know that by "talents" I am not referring to anything lascivious....or, at least they are crossing their fingers and  hoping that won't be the case!

Of course (and lucky for my regular readers!) I am referring to my abilities to research,  find, locate and obtain a variety of objects, which may of some (or lots of) interest to a variety of different people, literally spanning the world. 

My love of history, of course, is well covered in my blog; especially the rescue of history, my disdain for the destruction of historical items, interests in the preservation of historic architecture, the discovery of the facts that make up history, being correct about what really happened in history,etc, etc,etc.

Yes, history is pretty much my life.

However, I do not live in the past. 

I do believe that if we do not learn from history, we will continue to make the same mistakes. 

 Humankind's existence is disturbingly littered with examples.  Sadly, another bit of humankind manufactured historical detritus of that sort is being created right now.  It is playing out  in the current political climate; involving ISIS. The total number of people that hold the view that ISIS represents Muslims as a whole is disturbingly high.  They tend to scatter into one or more of a variety of categories; including, but not limited to the following: the uneducated, bigots, racists, the politically motivated,  hate mongers, the war profiteers, some of the mentally unhinged,  etc.    

ISIS has been doing what so many terrorist groups, politicians, kings, and all sorts of people/groups have been doing through the ages. They are using a religion as a a source of the holographic (and by that I mean FAKE, and technically transparent, without substance, etc) platform to support their cause. 

Their "platform" is a sham...a hologram, an illusion; pure and simple. Despite that, people believe the hologram to be reality, that it actually exists.

ISIS is twisting, manipulating, misquoting, and bastardizing the Muslim faith in order to create a  platform to make it appear their beliefs are supported by the Muslim faith, that being a Muslim is core to their cause. 

However, the vast, overwhelming majority of Muslims are horrified that their faith, which preaches peace, is being used in this manner, being twisted beyond recognition in the eyes of those who know the faith well, and their very own lives put in jeopardy by those tricksters, killers and psychopaths, who have managed to all too easily create  fear and hate in the hearts & minds of so many non-Muslims. 

Now, take a quick look at various groups in the far and near past....history.

 The KKK claims to hold Christian values as a core of their beliefs....

As claims the Westboro Baptist Church.......

And did you know Timothy McVeigh claimed to be a Christian? 

And a he is also a US citizen?

And is 100% a domestic terrorist

And holds the current modern record for killing more innocent people right on American soil than any "ISIS" linked individual thus far?

Judging by the support of bad actors like Donald Trump and others on social media, the news (etc)  a huge part of the world's population has not learned one iota from our long scarred journey we humans have made through history.  

But, politics and religion is not at all what I was planning to discuss in this posting.

Yes, I just went off on one of my tangents I am known for. 

However, to keep things "short" (yes, sometimes it seems I am unaware of what the definition of "short" is...) I am going to cut it off here...and do a part two...

That is, after all, only logical.

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