Sunday, March 31, 2013

Egged On

Seeing as it IS Easter and all, I thought an EGG-cellent story was in order. Yeah there was a little bit of CORN thrown in for good measure there...(get it? Chickens lay eggs and CORN = chicken feed?)

Ok, I admit, that last one really was a heck of a stretch....

Even though I have no funny, unusual, gross, (etc) picking stories that involve eggs (that I can recall) t hat makes it more difficult to do a post about eggs....but I am still managing to do a posting talking about eggs...and Easter.

You still with me?

Anyway, an Easter egg hunt is sort of like picking, right?

So, let's just go looking for some VALUABLE eggs, and other Easter related things of value we can add to our scope of knowledge...adding more to that long list of weird things we can pick, and maybe create a nest egg after the items are sold......!

Odds are most of us will never come across a REAL, antique Fabergé Easter egg....But, you never know, and if you at least know what to look for, maybe you WILL be one of the few who discover one of these beauties. Just remember I set ya on that when you do find one....Maybe drop a few hundred thousand of that profit into my "Tip Jar" on the blog here when you do find and sell one, ok?

I could also do a post about egg, rabbit, chick (etc) shaped paper mache candy containers, but I suspect there are already a million blog postings out there that have already done postings on those, especially at this time of year!

Let's stick the the unique, rare and extremely valuable, shall we?

There are all sorts of "collectible" Easter related items out there, from candy containers in all sorts of forms, from paper mache, to glass, to plastic, to cardboard, and on and on.

Yes, there are some rare ones that may command some extreme dollar figures. Pre WW1 German made, Paper Mache, highly detailed, finely made, antique, and mint condition pieces tend to be the ones that generally command high hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in collector circles.  But, take note that like with most other items in the collecting community, damage, missing pieces, discoloration, repairs, etc, etc all have negative effects on values....some more negative than others.

I try to be realistic in this blog, in that I don't spout how every "X" is worth big money.

Rarely is any "X" worth big money.

Only certain "Xs" are worth big money...and then only if you can get them to the right market, during the right time.

However, thinking back to being a kid, I know that finding "lesser" eggs during Easter morning was still a thrill.

The thrill is in the hunt, after all....just like picking.

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