Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bargains For Me, Bargains for You!


I admit it, I have a heck of a time passing up a bargain.


I can pass up a bargain, but when I see that it is priced well below value, I have to stop and think...

Sometimes thinking about the item much longer than others.

If I am "smart" that day, I will leave many of those "bargains" on antique shop showcases & where they are sitting on thrift store shelves, and yard sale tables.

The reason being is that I end up figuring out that the item really is not a bargain. 

Sure, the item is priced at $5, and well should be worth $50

However, it is only be worth $50.00 once it is sold for that....

And I have to clean it.

And store it.

And haul it around to a dozen antiques shows.

Wrap it.

Unwrap it.

Clean it again.

"Sell" it...IE: market it to a potential buyer, talk up the piece, etc.

And then find out they have one identical and were only interested in pricing out theirs.


And start again....and on and on and on, 

Until such time that someone comes along, and is willing to buy it.

But only at a discounted price....



But only for $30....

And I had to absorb the tax.

Now, did I realistically make any money on my $5.00?


I always need to remind myself that my time is worth money, and so is my knowledge & experience.  I am where I am because I have "paid my dues" over many years.

I have tons and can get tons of inventory. I find stuff where others can not. I find the things at bargain prices, without being dishonest with people.

 I have many sources, connections, etc.  

Add that to my broad scope of knowledge, curiosity, and ability to get interested in vastly different subjects

I can go to an auction where the competition is fierce for the advertising items, and where it seems that there will be no bargains. I will end up bidding on a lot where the auctioneer is desperate to get a bid, and thanks me for taking it away for $2, and people in the crowd think I am nuts for buying that box lot of trash.

I smile and say to the auctioneer:

  "You're welcome...and ya owe me a beer."  

My smile is not entirely due to my joke, it is due to knowing there is a  $500 item in amongst the junk.  It is not an advertising piece, but  Staffordshire Pottery. Despite a couple small chips, it depicts unusual subject matter, and will be a quick flip for $250 to a fellow dealer, after taking some pictures and dropping him an email.

 I am good at what I do. 

And I work darn hard.

I am not rich, cash wise.... heck, I'm not even "well off" financially.

 Life happens, and it has "happened" in such a way that I am not exactly where I wanted/planned to be by now, at my age.

 Then again, being retired by 40 was my plan. 

Yes, I was extra optimistic at 20!

Anyway, the point is I have tons of inventory (literally!), and really do not want to deal with it all. I am tired of the grind of wrapping, unwrapping, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Yes, there is LOT$ of money to be made on that stuff.  However, I like..(wait just a minute...scratch "like")...I  PREFER a "quick flip", a fast sale, a bulk sale, a whole pile of stuff being sold at once to one person, etc, etc, etc....and I don't care that an item/items go out at  wholesale figures. I'm not greedy, I don't need, nor want top dollar for everything.

I have tons of inventory, and really need to get rid of it. I have no time to put it all out on shelves, clean it spic-and-span, package and price it, etc, etc.

It is time to cut my losses....the merchandise is fine, salable, and not junk.  But, all the bargains I bought and really are not bargains once I "do the work." Combine that with my market access. It is tough here, really, to sell many things.   

 I can buy some wonderful art glass at a heck of a bargain, but when it comes to selling it in the shop....well, that bargain is taking up space....and slowly becomes something that is costing me money. Yes, when the item takes up space for things that will sell quicker, that slow seller begins to cost you $$$$.

The odds are I will sell 20 old tin signs before anyone looks at the Orreffors vase.....grossly underpriced at $ one, that is, except the little old lady who looks at the price and gasps...or brings it over to the counter with a toonie ($2) in her hand.
So, my bargain hunting eye and years of buying, bidding & rooting around all over has caused an accumulation of stuff.....lots of  inventory.  
Darn good inventory (heck, GREAT inventory) if it gets to the right market.

What I am getting to here is thus:

 I am soon going to be offering much of my inventory at WHOLESALE and BELOW WHOLESALE prices.  

The catch is, a buyer has to buy a large lot. From a 2' x 2' boxful, to a gaylord container full, to a truckload.

Instant inventory for someone to sell at their store, flea market, auction, on eBay, whatever.  Cash in my pocket, potential profit in the buyer's pocket.  Did I mention I also hate doing eBay sales of anything these days?

PLUS, not only do I have vintage stuff galore, I also have "new" stuff, modern merchandise, army surplus stuff, and more. 

I did say I had a hard time passing up a bargain!  

So, soon you can buy lots bulk from me. 

I did the "heavy lifting"

 The "windshield time"

 The dirty work,

The dangerous work,

The loading & sorting

And not to mention  accumulating it into larger quantities of "like" items...all the stuff you'd spend tons of time doing, when all you want to do is sell, sell, sell!

I make some money for my work, you will make money for your work. 

Let's see how it works out!

  If you are interested in this opportunity, "Friend" me on Facebook.

And keep watching this blog, too!    

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