Monday, December 27, 2010

The Future Holds Pickin' Fun!

Well, I promised you some more positive things in this blog, so you will get it.

Oh, and before I forget: "Smythe's Teeks" is a fictional store, and any resemblance to any person alive, nor dead in the previous posting is purely coincidental. All characters & situations were 100% fictional....blah, blah, blah.  I think I have any potential lawsuits for slander nullified with that...!

So, now you are down in the dumps about your "dreams" being shattered by being woken up.  AH, but wait! You can still TRAIN to be an antiques picker!

And how do you train  for that? By DOING!

My, you look confused! I tell you to forget your dream and now I am telling you the opposite?

Actually, not quite.

You need to learn...and you learn things best by doing them. You are far better to risk $2 on an item than $200 on an item...especially when you learn that they made repros of that thing...and they retail for $9.95 brand new...$6 wholesale, and 50 cents used....maybe even less than that brand new from a street vendor in India...

Send it back to the thrift only lost $2, not $200. You did gain something else.

$2 bucks.... a darn cheap price for a lesson you will never forget. Imagine if for every $2 of the multi thousand dollar cost of that college/night-school/university/correspondence-course/training STUCK in your grey matter like that $2 education? Man, you'd be a GENIUS in your field of training!

On goes your education. Don't go insane bidding on something at an auction...especially when it is based only on a gut feeling...and one that turns out to be just a mild case of gas, caused by the burrito you ate for breakfast on the way there.

Enjoy your weekends hitting the garage sales. Keep a tally of your expenses, how much you made on items, how much you lost, etc. Get a feel for it, but enjoy the thrill of the hunt...on a shoestring budget.

In some of my future posts, I will reveal some "picking secrets" to you. There will be things I learned throughout my career, and I will just hand them to you! I will reveal some valuable tips that will likely make you some money...or in the least open your eyes a little more to possibilities.  I'll even show you ways to "pick on the cheap" and not give your self a bad reputation as just a cheap S.O.B.  Heck, I will even instruct you on how to pick antiques FOR FREE!

But, I will leave that for future postings!

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  1. There is a lot of truth in this post. Sometimes you learn more from your mistakes than any other way.